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London Medical Fetish Dominatrix Madame Li Ying

Mobile: 07307 653 555

International: +44 (0) 7307 653 555

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Session Length

15 + 7 =

Ireceive initial enquiries for domination sessions by polite email or contact form only as I would like to review and respond to your application with consideration. You are welcome to give details of your fantasies, or just a few scribbled lines of abstract thought about power and domination.

My phone is not always on therefore I won’t be able to take or reply calls/texts/WhatsApps straight away. Email is the fastest way to reach Me.

I encourage you to be honest – not just about your fetishes and your hopes for your domination session, but also your health conditions (surgery, medications, wearing a pacemaker etc).

Please do not ask Me how I run the session or what I will do to you.

I take bookings from Monday till Saturday from 10am till 8pm, sessions outside these hours or Sunday domination sessions can be arranged at an increased rate. I welcome same day sessions but bookings have to be made before 12 noon.


1 hour: £220
90 mins: £330
2 hours: £400
3 hours: £550

*There is an extra charge for infusion sessions

Do note that a non refundable 50% deposit is required, you will lose your deposit if you cancel your session in less than 24 hours, you are allowed to transfer your deposit to future sessions if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance.

Domination Session Rules

These are My straightforward rules that you will need to follow. They are My hard limits and you will need to respect them as you would like Me to respect yours.

Do not touch My body without My express direction or permission

You do not have permission or consent to touch My body. Failure to comply, and repeated infractions will end your session prematurely. It is up to Me whether you can touch or worship Me. Just remember I am the one in control.


Please arrive at My door at the appointed time. If you are running late, let Me know as soon as possible so that I can make other arrangements.

On the rare occasions that I am running late, I will inform you so that you are able to adjust your plans.

Personal hygiene

I value personal hygiene and I hope you do too. Dress smartly and be presentable. Be freshly groomed and showered. Brush your teeth. Smell nice.

I do not tolerate drug and alcohol in My sessions

I will simply end your session and you will not be refunded.

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