Today was my best med fet session to date because I got to try new things, and relax with yourself. Many thanks. I clearly focus around sounding, catheterisation and scrotal infusions. My scrotum looks and feels amazing! The skin is soft and the scrotum quite full and heavy, but moves freely and is not hard at all. The shape was more on the right but has now equalised out. If I had both giving sets at once, I’d be able to take 1,000ml.

~ T.B

I thoroughly enjoyed our session as I am sure you could tell. It was fun, playful and also nice to be dominated in so long.

I think we have a nice chemistry, which is important..

~ AJ

Thank you, and I really mean it. I’ve had lots of sessions over the years and I can count how many I’ve genuinely enjoyed on one hand. Today was definitely one. I am still floating.

You could have quite easily gone OTT with the pain side, but instead, you seemed to read me perfectly and get me to relax. I genuinely haven’t felt that relaxed in a very long time.

~ John Smith

I’m very grateful for you for the splendid session. I’ve learned a lot and it’s a honour for me to be your patient. While there is no doubt for me now that my cock is completely under your control, I feel that I still need more correction procedures to improve my behaviour.

~ Mo

Such an enjoyable session this afternoon, first time needles as well…

~ R

Thank you for a lovely session.  I enjoyed everything that you did to me, but the needles in the balls and nipples, along with the staples were best.  Hopefully, if I am allowed to see you again.

~ slave J

I just wanted to say thanks for making my birthday an enjoyable one last week.
Naked, and with 3 lovely ladies who had wicked intent, I was very satisfied.  My first infusion, and 1 litre as well!  My two memorable take aways were having your hands feeling my back, as I lay there with my scrotum being infused, that felt very intimate, and watching you using your sounds in my urethra, first the Van Buren, which felt great, but the best was the Guyon, which I adored having you insert slowly inside my urethra, despite looking like it could never do that.
The body exam was highly enjoyable and a nice counter point to the sharp sensation of the needles you had inserted into my genitals. I liked the Ying and Yang of the two experiences. I know we spoke about both of our enjoyment of, and fascination with, urethral sounding and I would be delighted for you to hone your skills with the Guyon and Van Buren in my urethra and maybe even dilate the urethral restriction behind my glans further, so I can take larger sounds, plus probe me deeper to explore my prostate.

~ GG

It was fantastic to meet you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You are an amazing medfet leader and role model!

~ Mistress Bedlham 

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me! I love learning from you.

~ Madam Cruella

“It’s such a gift and privilege to learn from one of the best medfet Mistress in the U.K.! Always a pleasure! Big thanks!”

~ Mistress Lola Noir

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me Madame Li Ying. It was a pleasure to meet, and to learn from you. A highlight of the year for sure!

~ Miss Anna Elite

It was definitely one of the best workshops days I’ve ever been to. Madame Li Ying is an exceptional professional! Such a pleasure meeting you and such an honour learning from you! Thank you!

~ Mistress Katrina the Great