Metal Sounds

Urethral toys being lost inside the penis is one of the biggest fears newbies have.

The truth is, a penis cannot swallow an entire urethral sound. The longer sounds are too long for that, especially when the handle is long as well. Shorter sounds generally have a mechanism for easy retrieval that prevents them from slipping in.

Even if you cannot retrieve it, it is not truly lost. It cannot roam around your body – it will be somewhere inside the urinary tract.

Look at a naked man’s side view if you want to understand more. The passage from the urethra to the rest of the body will look like a letter J. Even if the sound gets inside the penis, it has nowhere to go. If the sound gets swallowed (which is rare, by the way), you can easily retrieve it. Simply grab the base of the penis and gently push it toward the tip to move the toy out.

Alternatively, you can first secure the sound with a metal clip at the top to prevent it from getting in further. If both sides of the sound will be used, make sure the clip is sterilised and you are wearing sterile gloves.

If you cannot retrieve the sound, or any urethral toys, don’t panic. Seek medical attention as soon as possible. Doctors deal with sexual injuries every day. Just let them know what happened and they will help you.

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