The content of this article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. 


Catheterisation is popular in medical fetish play. It can be quite stressful if your catheter becomes blocked, especially if you are in the middle of the medical fetish scene and not sure what’s causing the blockage in the catheter.

If no urine flows 3-5 minutes after inserting the catheter into the bladder, there is a possibility your catheter is blocked, or your client is dehydrated. Often catheter blockages are caused by simple issues which you can check and correct on your own. If you decide to take the catheter out instead of trying the following simple steps, that’s also fine.


  1. Adjust the catheter by inserting it further or pulling it out by 1–2 cm and see if any urine drains out. When I say “pull” I mean a gentle tug, do not pull hard or yank the catheter.


  1. It may depend on the type of lubricating gel you use: Lubricating gel is to make the insertion easier, but it can also block the drainage holes in the catheter. Most sterile lube are water-based so it will dissolve once urine begins to flow. Make sure you are using the individual sachets of sterile lubricant.


  1. If the drainage bag tubing or catheter is twisted, kinked, or being pressed against the body with too much pressure, such as under clothing or a leg strap, then the urine will not flow freely.


  1. Reposition the drainage bag up above the level of the bladder and hold it there for 20 to 30 seconds. Lower the drainage bag below the level of the bladder again. This might help to get urine flowing.


  1. Disconnect tubing from the catheter.Place a collection cup or bowl under the end of the catheter so it doesn’t make a mess if the urine starts flowing. Remove the drainage bag from the end of the catheter and see if any urine drains out. It’s possible for the bag to create a vacuum and prevent the urine from flowing.


  1. Talking about vacuum, it is a good idea to leave 5–10 ml of urine in the bag. Completely emptying the bag every time may cause the sides of the bag to stick together. This can create a vacuum, which will prevent urine from draining into the bag.


  1. Empty the bag when it is 2/3 full to promote better urine flow.Check the bag during the session to see how full it is. Empty the bag if it’s 2/3 full or close to that level. If the bag is completely full it can affect the flow of urine.


If none of the above work, take the catheter out immediately, and don’t forget to deflate the balloon first!




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