Catheterisation is very common in medical play.

As a professional dominatrix that specialises in medical play it is my responsibility to make sure I am positioned as an expert in the procedure.

The feeling of a tube inserted up through the urethra and into the bladder which allows the flow of urine to be controlled by the dominant partner, the submissive can no longer control their own urinary function.

Having a catheter inserted into the urethra can feel physically arousing, as the urethra is very sensitive, some submissive have an urge to masturbate when the catheter is inside them, this is because the stimulation seems to trigger the brain’s pleasure centre that ordinarily responds to urination or ejaculation.

I have people asking me how catheterisation is done in my medical play sessions, I am going to explain here and hope this will satisfy your curiosity and ease some of your concerns.

Different types of catheters:

There are different type of catheters, they are:

  • Indwelling catheters (urethral suprapubic catheters also known as Foley catheters)
  • External catheters (condom catheters)
  • Short term catheters (intermittent catheters)

I use indwelling catheters in my medical play sessions. Size 14-16 French (gauge) for men. I use female catheter for female clients because women have shorter urethras.


In medical play, first and foremost is sterilisation. I don’t need to sterilise a catheter because it is pre-packed and sterilised.

Before the catheterisation, I need to wash/scrub my hands again before creating a sterile field using a sterile pack. The purpose for that is to reduce the number of microbes present to as few as possible. Placing sterile surgical drapes around the client’s genital area and on the stand that will hold sterile instruments and other items needed during the procedure.

My principle: All items used within a sterile field must be sterile. Germs can travel along the catheter and cause an infection in the sub’s bladder or kidney; it is called catheter-associated urinary tract infection aka CA-UTI.


  1. Put on sterile gloves, clean the submissive’s genital and the surrounding areas with a cotton-ball dipped in antiseptic solution. Beginning at the urethra, the cleansing is performed in a circular motion, moving outward to the surrounding areas.
  2. Change to another pair of sterile gloves, open the package with sterile scissors, expose about 1.5 inches for sliding in, keep the rest in the packet. Lubricate the tip of the catheter with sterile lubricant, slowly expose/insert the rest of the catheter inside the urethra.
  3. Once the tip of the catheter reached the bladder, urine will start to flow into the drainage bag, that also means the balloon for holding the catheter is in the bladder. It is then slowly inflated with 10cc of water using a syringe. Inflating the balloon should not be painful.

In my medical sessions I combine a few things while my sub is being catheterised, for example needle play, suturing or electro stimulation to make the session as exciting as possible.

How to remove the catheter

The catheter balloon needs to be deflated by inserting a syringe into the catheter valve and pulling back on the syringe. Once the balloon is empty, the Foley catheter can be pulled out.

Are you ready to experience catheterisation?

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