Forget everything you THINK you know about Foot Domination and Worship. My superior knowledge and expertise within this Fetish genre has been intuitively crafted over my years of experience and begins with an understanding of the origins and physiology of the foot itself. From way back in history, as we glean from mythological and holy writings, cultures around the globe have identified the human foot as a sanctified treasure. The curiosity and adoration this organ still promotes makes foot domination and worship one of the most popular Fetish interests.

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As the original unit of measure, the “foot,” a widely held theory is that it is supposed to have originated as a sacred unit based on the length of a goddess’s foot. A goddess’s foot as the mortal ideal, was said to have a second toe longer than the first; the second toe being the center of her male powers. The female foot was historically sacrosanct, something to be covered, protected and revered .. so much so that in ancient Greek society, a woman showing bare feet was associated with offering an overt sexual advance!

Of course, the other significant finding in the long history of the foot was that the massage and stimulation of certain areas of the sole, created a healing/pain relief response in correlating areas of the body thus promoting natural health benefits – what we now recognise as reflexology.

The attraction to feet (being a non-sexual organ) is complex; Sigmund Freud surmised that it was because of associated links with penises.

But now let’s move on to the heady discoveries awaiting lucky clients when they book a Foot Domination session with Me.

I will share the secrets of My esteemed feet with you so that willing foot slaves may glean knowledge on how to give me pleasure using your eager mouth. Let’s first establish the core premise of our interaction, namely that worshipping My feet is for My pleasure, with My rules. Your pleasure should be merely coincidental and will result from the bliss you provide for my beautiful feet.

London Foot Fetish Goddess Madame Li Ying

I have high expectations when it comes to foot domination and worship which will require a rigorous training regime until you satisfy my exacting standards. During these Sessions, you will be instructed on how to identify my sweet spots, how to work expertly with your tongue, and the nuances of pace and pressure required for each area of My feet. I do adore barefoot worship sessions and will share some secrets on how to navigate this challenge.

On each foot, My big toe is the most sensitive of them all, you will have to take your time to stimulate it fully, to lick, suck and nibble it to maximum intensity. We will see how slavishly you are prepared to work with your tongue..imagine it as an extension of your fully engorged penis, always at full attention, probing, circling….If you succeed in pleasing me, perhaps I will slide my whole toe into your mouth and you will take it all in, as your mind creates vivid illusions of having sex with my big toe.

My second toe likes to be softly nibbled and requires a gentle touch, so your tongue will be as light and delicate as a feather, your teeth just grazing the length as saliva fills your mouth. And for the rest, you will very slowly take the journey along the chain of My toes, reverently paying attention to each one as if performing a delicate scale of the piano with your eager mouth, creating an ecstatic crescendo as my toes become more stimulated. If I need to tempt you further, the most proficient pupils can relish the knowledge that if you do it right, the sensation will travel all the way up between my legs.

It goes without saying that I also enjoy my feet being massaged so if you are a fan of using your hands, show me the skills of dexterous fingers as your thumb seeks out and presses the acupressure points. If you have strong fingers, a combination of pressure points and sucking and licking will definitely move you up into my poll position. Exquisite foot worship forges a deep connection with me and those who reach those heady heights can expect due rewards…

When I undertake schooling of would-be foot pleasers, I also offer an incentive scheme so that you have the motivation to rise to the top. Those who please me, will not only gain the honour of knowing they have pleased me but may also choose something from your desire list that you may look forward to towards the end of the training. What a wonderfully generous Mistress I am.

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