Post lockdown session rules and dungeon care:

Since dentists are resuming their business this week I am also resuming my real time sessions.

The following are my protocols to create a safe, hygienic environment for sessions.


Mop the floor with 70% alcohol, Perasafe, Virkon or any medical grade products.

Put a layer of clingfilm on all leather furnitures after normal cleaning – leather is organic, can’t be sterilised. Change clingfilm after each client


CP: Canes, leather products can’t be sterilised, heavy caners should have their own canes just in case their skin will be cut by caning.

CBT: All metal toys i.e. cock cage, ball stretcher etc should be sterilised after each session.

Dildos: Use condoms on all dildos. Silicone dildos can be sterilised if you fancy deep cleaning your products.

Masks, gloves:

It is almost impossible to stay 2 meters away during the session especially for small dungeons, also BDSM session is about connection physically and emotionally. If you worry, I suggest to wait for a couple of months until the lockdown is completed. If you are desperate, discuss with your Mistress on how to minimise the risk, find a way that makes both of you feel comfortable and have an enjoyable session during this challenging period.


As soon as you are in the door you will strip for me. Hand gel on, clothes in a basket and straight through to the dungeon.
You may change to a new pair of gloves if you feel extra protection. The gloves you have been wearing already exposed to the air therefore when you go into a new environment you should wear a pair of new gloves.