The Guyon Urethral Sound Kit is a new addition to the collection of tools that I use when practising urethral sounding on my clients.

Like all urethral sounds, the Guyon Sound is a special urology device to gradually broaden the lumen of the urethra, in order to dislodge attached stones or particles and repair strictures that may block the urine flow. The curved design makes it easier to follow the urethra’s anatomy.

The tube has different diameter increments, ranging from 3.0 to 10.0mm, overall length is 26.5cm. The facilitator can gradually dilate the urethra to drain urine from a collapsed urinary bladder.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to sounding. Most people think that it’s painful, but it’s not if it is done correctly without force. Most of my sounding scenes are tender, and usually combine deep urethral sounding and cock and ball edging.

It’s an intense feeling, but once the sound goes all the way into where the prostate is, then it starts to be more pleasurable in the traditional sense. The reason I love using a curved sound is that I have full control if/when the submissive gets an erection. If they do get an erection, it can be very uncomfortable.

The taboo of penetrating the part that is not commonly penetrated heightens orgasm during sexual activities – masturbating while having the metal rod inside the urethra, watching the sound slowly moving in and out etc.…overall intensity of the experience, and the accompanying sense of vulnerability.

The urethra and bladder are sterile environments so I only use sterile implements to avoid infection.

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