In my practice as a professional dominatrix, I have been giving scrotal infusions since 2005.

Scrotal infusion is just one type of medical fetish play scenario that I perform, each type of session is special. This is not a guide on how to do a scrotal infusion, but to explain how it is done. Please do not perform without knowledge of basic anatomy and how to handle needles.

The scrotal infusion process takes about 25 mins (500ml) to 90 mins depends on the amount of saline I am injecting and the speed of the drip. Some clients like slow drip because it is less “scary”, others like fast drip because they enjoy the sensation of water flowing into their balls. For beginners, I suggest starting with 250ml. It really depends on how much space you have in your scrotum, if your scrotum is saggy you need to take more in order to see the effect.

I order my injectable saline and giving sets from a pharmaceutical company in Germany. Some people who do this at home save up the saline for future use, please do not do this because you need fresh, sterile saline and needles to avoid infections.

During the infusion, you are pretty much bound on the bench so your movement is limited. However, you can still enjoy sounding, needle play, catheters, E-Stim, butt plug. I don’t suggest impact CBT while having an infusion.

I recommend a 3-month break after every infusion session to avoid sodium building up in your body system.

How is scrotal infusion performed?

I have my items ready:

  • NaCI 0.9% Infusion Injection Water – 500ml
  • Peha-basic latex sterile gloves
  • Intrafix Air IV set
  • Venflon IV Cannula needles – 19G or 21G*
  • Sterile pack
  • Underpads
  • Large alcohol swabs
  • Sharps bin

* 19G gives a faster flow rate and the procedure takes less time. 21G gives a slower flow rate and the saline doesn’t end up leaking too much, therefore the procedure will take longer.

Preparing for a scrotal infusion

First I thoroughly wash my hands with Hibiscrub and scrub my fingernails. I always make sure my hands are sanitised even when I put on gloves afterwards. I clean the Hibiscrub bottle with alcohol swabs before use and will wipe all items clean before the procedure.


The client should shave 2 days before so his skin will be healed in time for the procedure.

Needle insert point

Avoid the Vas Deferens and testicles

The vas (ductus) deferens is a muscular tube that is located within the spermatic cord and is a major component of the male reproductive system. It is a continuation of the epididymis and is involved in transporting spermatozoa from the epididymis to the ejaculatory ducts.

Needless to say, you don’t want the needle inside your testicles.

anatomy of a male

I slide the needle about 10 – 15 degrees inside the Epidermis (Intradermal) and about 2mm depth, to avoid the needle pushing back out I will tape the needle down so the needle will be stabilised when the scrotum starts to fill up.

Most of my clients request more than 500ml, I normally do both sides with 500ml each and just stop whenever we think it is enough. Unless the client wants to save money for another infusion set I will do one side only.

*It is important to communicate with my client through the procedure.

man's ball sack full of saline after a scrotal infusion

After the procedure

It is important to disinfect the area after needles are removed. After thoroughly wiped the area with an alcohol swab. Most clients do not need dressing but I put a large band-aid on the wound if needed.

I do not recommend a bath afterwards – only a shower so that the wound does not soak in water.

How long will it take for the saline to go down?

It depends on how much saline you inject into the body, most infusions take about 24 hours for the saline to dissipate.

Who should avoid Scrotal Infusion:

If you have heart problems, high blood pressure age over 60 and in generally poor health you should avoid infusion play. Taking a large amount of sodium in such a short period of time is not what our body suppose to do therefore your body system should be healthy enough to handle and flush out the extra sodium from the saline. I have written a more complete article about the risks of scrotal infusion

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