Urethral sounding in a fetish context can produce many great feelings and sensations, especially when coupled with masturbation. Being stimulated from the inside of the penis feels great, massaging your penis both on the inside and outside produces great sensations on so many different levels.

I use different types of sounds in my sessions depends on my client’s level of experience. Today I would like to introduce you to the Van Buren sound.

Curved sounds, also called Van Buren, named after Willian H Van Buren, an American surgeon who brought a great deal of respectability to the field of urology in the 1800s, despite writing books called “Lectures on Diseases of the Rectum”, he also was the first person to determine the average length of a male urethra – 22.3 cm.

Van Buren sound has a J-shape pattern, which follows the natural curve of the urethra, it can stimulate your prostate when the sound is on its way to and from your bladder. This is the closest way of giving your prostate a massage. 
It’s with the length and J-shape that Van Buren can be inserted and taken out when the penis is flaccid.

Van Buren is great for power play as I can take full control of my client’s erection because when his penis is hard it can be quite uncomfortable. In my sessions, I always combine sounding with catheterisation for deep urethral stimulation.

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